Festival FAQ's

Good Things To Know At This Year's Festival!

Stewart Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Your one-stop spot! You can find local tourism brochures, maps of the Town of Perth and answers to your questions. We’re also the place to go for a lost child, lost item or emergency. You can buy Stewart Park Festival t-shirts, tanks, hats, beer mugs, and water bottles as well as After Hours bracelets. You can make a donation here, too (all donations over $25 get a tax receipt). We have a survey you can fill out, or you can just let us know what you think. The tent is open for the entire weekend.

Did You love a performer so much you wanted to take them home? Well, you can have a little piece of the magic. The CD Tent is also where performers stop by to sign autographs. Autograph opportunities will be announced daily.

While we love dogs just as much as you do, they aren’t permitted in the park during the festival (it’s a Town of Perth bylaw). Please leave your furry friends at home.  Read more here.

While the festival is an outdoor event, provincial regulations do not allow smoking in the park or near food services during the festival.

Shuttle service will be available:

  • Friday from 2pm to midnight
  • Saturday from noon to midnight
  • Sunday from noon to 5 pm

Running to/from the following parking lots:

  • Behind Giant Tiger (88 Dufferin St., Hwy 7)
  • Algonquin College (7 Craig St.)
  • Conlon Farm (127 Smith Dr.)
  • Last Duel Park (22 Craig St.)

With drop-off and pick-up in front of the Town Hall at 80 Gore St. East.

When you gotta go, you gotta go! The Town of Perth provides porta-potties at the eastern edge of the park. There are public washrooms on the south side of Town Hall and at the Crystal Palace.

We have 2 water stations in Stewart Park. One is located centrally right beside the Information tent, just in front of the Bandshell. Fill up your water bottles, stay you  hydrated and help eliminate plastic water bottles! The Town of Perth will be providing filtered water through a new system. We’re so appreciative of their continued support to its community and for all they do!

We have a Misting Tent located just over the bridge in the park, to help you cool off.

Help us keep the park clean and green by using our special events recycling containers. We’ll have bins for paper, plastic bottles and metal cans and please use the garbage cans for non-recyclables.

Also we will have a Green Waste And Recycling Booth.
See details here

Please be advised that the Tay River is not a designated swimming area and is not supervised. There are many dangers, from poor footing and fast-flowing water to rocks. Please be aware of the risks and supervise your children. Play safe!

Wave to Noah Sullivan and his tireless gang of sound technicians. They are on the run for the entire festival so we can sit back and let the sweet music wash over us.

Look for our festival volunteers in their Stewart Park t-shirts. Ask a question, or just say thanks

Keeping the SPF green thanks to the volunteers at Climate Network Lanark

We have partnered with Climate Network Lanark (CNL) this year to collect, sort and separate compostable and recyclable material.

One of our favourite things about the Stewart Park Festival is our beautiful park setting—that’s why it’s important to us to keep the event as sustainable as possible. To do this, we’ve partnered with Climate Network Lanark (CNL), who will ensure ALL your garbage and recyclables make it to their Green Waste and Recycling Station beside the main path. CNL will be in the park all weekend to collect and sort your food waste, food waste containers, cans, bottles, paper and plain old garbage. While visiting the “Station,” you can also learn more about what Climate Network Lanark is up to. Let’s see how much we can reduce the amount of festival garbage actually going the the landfill—and more importantly, lets see how much food waste we can divert to composting.

Did you know?

Food waste in the anaerobic environment of a landfill creates methane. Methane is a portent greenhouse gas with 86 times more global warming potential than Carbon Dioxide over a 20 year period! Keeping biodegradables out of your garbage is simple and worthwhile.