Climate Network Initiative

We have partnered with Climate Network Lanark (CNL) this year to collect, sort and separate compostable and recyclable material.

Keeping the SPF green thanks to the volunteers at Climate Network Lanark

One of our favourite things about the Stewart Park Festival is our beautiful park setting—that’s why it’s important to us to keep the event as sustainable as possible. To do this, we’ve partnered with Climate Network Lanark (CNL), who will ensure ALL your garbage and recyclables make it to their Green Waste and Recycling Station beside the main path. CNL will be in the park all weekend to collect and sort your food waste, food waste containers, cans, bottles, paper and plain old garbage. While visiting the “Station,” you can also learn more about what Climate Network Lanark is up to. Let’s see how much we can reduce the amount of festival garbage actually going the the landfill—and more importantly, lets see how much food waste we can divert to composting.

Did you know?

Food waste in the anaerobic environment of a landfill creates methane. Methane is a portent greenhouse gas with 86 times more global warming potential than Carbon Dioxide over a 20 year period! Keeping biodegradables out of your garbage is simple and worthwhile.