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Stewart Park Festival

JULY 17-19, 2020

Thank You To Our Vendors!

You were all troopers for enduring the intense heat and long hours. Please join us again in 2019!

2019 Stewart Park Festival Marketplace

Stay Tuned!


Dashmir Zyli, Toronto, ON
Chicken fajita, Gyro on pita, chicken over rice, Greek salad, chicken Greek salad, rice and salad, vegetarian on pita, vegetarian plate, water, pop, lemonade and iced tea.

Marc Leroux, Plainfield, ON
Traditional favourites galore! Chicken Burgers, hot dogs, fresh hamburgers, poutine or pogos with a side of fries or onion chips, cold drinks, coffee, tea, and milk should just about cover everyone’s wants. We all deserve a treat once in a while.

Sarah MacKenzie, Balderson, ON

Loon Kombucha's sparkling kombucha tea is available on tap at the Festival! With several delicious and refreshing flavours to choose from, Kombucha is known to boost the immune system, detox the body, and improve gut health with its beneficial live cultures and enzymes.

Lyle McLaren, Perth, ON
Enjoy a freshly squeezed lemonade on a lovely warm day while watching the best music festival around. While walking around or enjoying music, you can't get it any better than a fresh batch of popcorn, or for the sweet tooth, homemade fudge, and cotton candy for everyone and sno-kones to cool you off on a lovely July day in the park.

Perth, ON

Get cooled down as our Perth DQ team will be set up all weekend to get you one of our tasty treats!

Ryan Daye, Oakville, ON

Hi! We are Ryan and Amie, a husband and wife team with a passion for creativity, small business and tasty snacks! Our popcorn creations are all made from organic, non-gmo, Canadian grown corn and our toppings are made from simple, yet delicious, ingredients. Our unique flavours and quality ingredients make our popcorn a great snack for any occasion!

Andrew Mackey, Balderson, ON
Temple's Sugarbush is a 7000 tap maple sugarbush in the heart of Lanark County, the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario. We strive to make great quality maple products, and now, this year we bring to our booth a Maple taffy Sundae. We also serve a maple sausage, maple taffy and all kinds of packaged Maple Syrup.

Melissa Truelove, Perth, ON
The Perth Tea Room is proud to serve you fresh made pizza, baked goods and refreshing drinks!

Vegan strudel made without preservatives or canned filling: apple, cherry, wild blueberry.

Matt McShane, Perth, ON

Come taste the difference homemade makes. Since opening it doors in 1995, The Sunflower Bake Shop has made itself legendary throughout Perth for its delicious sweets and treats.

Judy Dempsey, Perth, ON

The Table is where people come together to share, cook, grow, learn and advocate for good food. Our programs are developed and delivered in ways that maintain dignity, build health, hope and community, and challenge inequality. We believe good food should be available to all.


Brianna Bourke, Newcastle, ON
Brianna's Artistry has been providing face painting and glitter services for the past few years. Brianna and her team of experienced painters are excited to add to your Stewart Park Festival experience. Pop by our booth and choose from a wide selection of images that include paint, glitter and gems.

Terry Twist, Perth Road, ON
We started making crafts after we retired from a busy resort and have enjoyed making creations, Terry out of plastic in the form of blue heron and white egrets decorated with driftwood, greenery and solar lights. Lorraine making earring in a variety of styles using cultured pearls, crystals and stone gem beads. We enjoy making our products as well as meeting the public at the Stewart park music festival.

Anita Cerro, Omemee, ON
Artistic options are limitless in combining colour, design and texture into each piece when working with sterling silver, fresh water pearls and semi-precious stones. Each piece is original to its organic nature and I design and strive for pieces that can be worn on a daily basis making every day special.

Rebecca Hodgins, Perth, ON
Cosmic Ties creates hand dyed art and apparel to bring a burst of colour into our lives. With a wide variety of garments and art pieces, there is something for everyone. Each piece is created thoughtfully through a unique process using ice and high quality textiles.


Dagmar Sagat, Perth, ON
Dagmar moved to Perth from her native Slovakia where she studied tailoring and textile design. Influenced by her European background, she hand prints organic material with nature-inspired designs, creating one-of-a-kind clothing, pillows, storage baskets and other usable art. In her Perth home-based business, she also offers alterations, custom sewing, upholstery, and window coverings.


Judy Buehler, Perth, ON
Friends of the Tay Watershed is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health of the Tay River watershed. FofTW works with municipalities, conservation authorities and landowners to achieve this, as well as educating the public and providing bursaries to students.

Paul Hauraney, Perth, ON
The Guatemala Stove Project is a registered Canadian charity. Our primary focus is to build improved cooking stoves for the impoverished Maya in the north west highlands of Guatemala. The stoves get smoke out of the small homes improving length and quality of life for the Maya.

Heather-Anne Stark, Blenheim, ON
Once again Heather-Anne is thrilled to be back at Stewart Park Festival to enjoy the wonderful customers and music in the delightful town of Perth. There are new hat designs and concepts that she will introduce for the first time while there.

Each piece of jewellery created by Julie Townsend of Jewels is unique and designed by the artist. Using the ancient technique of Kumihimo braiding, Julie weaves the cords on a hand loom then adds beads and finishing touches to create a one of a kind piece. They are light weight and fun to wear.


Janice Moorhead, Alcove, QC
My glass art reflects a unique “painterly” approach to stained glass. This technique employs a "layering" process that eliminates the need for the traditional soldered joint. Intricate landscapes, as well as whimsical compositions capture the nature of light and bring joy to the viewer. Prices range from $35.00 to $ 350.00


Julie Townsend, Manotick, ON
Julie has been creating jewelry from her studio in Manotick since she retired from a 29-year career in teaching several years ago. Her necklaces are all hand-braided using the ancient Japanese technique of Kumihimo. She selects colours to reflect the beauty of the natural environment. Her bracelets are designed using precious stones.

Karen Bernard, Petewawa, ON
Ottawa born, I am a graduate of the Graphic Arts Printing program at Algonquin College and worked in this field for 32 years before making my paper art a full time endeavour. I experimented with a variety of media before discovering the beauty of hand-made paper. With its flexibility, paper permits me to do more than decorate a flat surface. It inspires me to create three dimensional sculptures breaking through the barriers of two dimensional design. The unique properties and forms created by paper have no counterpart. This art form allows the freedom to leave the flat surface and return to the world of depth. My perceptions of our world are expressed in the precise intricate motion of each piece.

Diane Bradley, Prospect, ON
Specialty Idem Black Garlic! We also have garlic jelly, pickles, powder, dehydrated garlic chips, fresh garlic

Connie Malloy, Pembroke, ON
Drop by our booth at this year's festival to see our newline of lavender sachets. Inspired by my trip to Provence, these sachets have the true feeling of the French countryside. Perfect gifts for family and friends.
[email protected]

Jen Yach, Stittsville, ON
Living Edge Studio was born 6 years ago after the owner, Jen Yach found herself in a less than stimulating work environment in a local wood shop. She began making and designing wood jewelry during the down time at her job and opened her Etsy shop in August for 2013. Since then, she has grown Living Edge Studio's product line to include a variety of home decor and accessories and has embraced new technologies like the laser cutter.

Nancy Williams, Vernon, ON
PARQIZRS - Pronounced "PARK IS OURS", offers an imaginative outlook from the company name to the handcrafted designs. One-of-of-a-kind whimsical mobiles and unique jewelry. Our designs take on shape and texture using various metals that are cast, forged and or peened.

David Tye, Lyndhurst, ON
Stone Bridge Farm Sweet and Saucy Co specializes in gourmet jams, jellies, sauces and preserves. We are proud producers of Beer Belly Jelly, a jelly made from local craft beer to be enjoyed with your cheese and cracker tray as well as 25 other suggestions with which to use it. We source local ingredients whenever possible and have developed relationships with local farmers and producers. We like to say eat, sip, and shop local and live by these words as well.

Suzanne Denney, Ottawa, ON
Suzanne Denney is a retired Elementary School Principal. She has been making pottery for about 25 years. She makes functional and decorative pottery and especially beautiful is her porcelain jewelry. She works out of her home studio in Stittsville, Ontario. Suzanne is captivated by how the fluidity of the clay can be permanently captured in time, after firing.


"It's not what you think, but it is what you want" T&A's Condiment Company offers salsas, beer-based mustards, and hot sauces - recipes that are all our own with a focus on flavour and supporting local businesses.s.


Terri Almond, Pointe-Claire, QC
Terri Almond's recent photographic series investigates macro images of a variety of objects in our everyday experience. She enjoys creating painterly styled photographs that keep her audience guessing as to what that are and how it is that they are actual photographs and not paintings.


The Goddess & The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre: aura soul readings with Allan Green & hand massages & energy facilitations with Catherine Green. Handmade bath bombs & salts, creams with pure essential oils. Crafted fairy houses, jewellery, crystals. Allan's "Pastlife.allan" books available for personal autographs & purchase.

Gregory Smith, Lanark Highlands, ON
Gregory Smith is Canada's only true Leathersmith. Gregory custom makes a wide range of products. Many can be done right at his booth as you enjoy the rest of the festival. Belts, billfolds, children's crafts and even custom made water bottle holsters.

Amy Kelly, Lanark, ON
Throw cushions made from new fabrics and vintage finds. Pillowcases made from new and fun fabrics, essential oil pouches, essential oil wraps (for storing E/O rollerballs) re-usable straw pouches. Keychains, coin purses... items range from 7$-50$

FB: @theplaidcow Instagram: @the_plaid_cow

Beautiful handmade clothing and recycled vintage sarees redesigned into wearable clothing. From dresses skirts tops and pants to stonewash cotton hoodies and accessories. Purses, satchels, hemp and cotton sun hats. Kids hats. Fleece lined wool sweaters. Tie-dyed and painted clothing. Wool dryer balls and essential oils.


Monika Tinneberg, Smiths Falls, ON

Monika brings her table, doing Chinese therapeutic massage, myofascial release, hand reflexology, scar & pelvic release work & lymphatic drainage, zeroing in on what your body needs to help it relax, release, and perhaps even heal a bit, using these unusual but highly EFFECTIVE techniques, honed over 25+ years of practice.

Reiki Associates, Perth, ON

Join Denise Carpenter for a Reiki Session during this most amazing music festival. Reiki is a gentle technique for restoring and balancing your body's natural energy to encourage total relaxation. Music, outdoors, Reiki…pure bliss!

Christian Rojas, Gananoque, ON

We offer Akashic Record Tarot and Oracle Card Readings priced at $30 for 30 minutes. We also have our homemade Akashic Jewelry. Prices range from $15-$25.


Annalisa Clarke, McDonald’s Corners, ON

SWEET OASIS HEALING ARTS AND WELLNESS STUDIO Annalisa is an Intuitive Artist & Soul Purpose Coach, who has spent a decade exploring her creativity along with ways to channel this knowledge into an abundant and beautiful life. She has studied with spiritual mentors, Life coaches, and Visual Artists. Annalisa is a Self-Empowerment Life Coaching for women, Reiki Practitioner, and Healing arts Instructor. She is passionate about assisting women in reclaiming their Inner Power, tapping into their creativity while supporting each woman during their journey as seekers of inner peace, soul work, and healing within. She is the Founder of The Reclaiming; a group dedicated to the empowerment of women, working with co-creator Melinda Moir. All Healing begins within!! Your Art, Your way, Your journey!!

Margaret Smith, Perth, ON

Margaret Smith of Symmetry Centre helps bring health and wholeness to the body, mind, and soul through 4 alternative modalities. Reflexology, Quantum Touch Psych-K, and Law of Attraction Coaching. Visit Margaret in the Band Shell for a touch of wellness and relaxation.