The King Of Swingers

Artist Bio

King of the Swingers has energized festivals, fairgrounds, street concerts, and parties with their upbeat, energized, (kinda twisted) approach to Dixie music for more than twenty years. From their humble beginnings as Westport’s Official Busking Band, Steevo, Dawg-son, Spiker, and M.C. Rapper laugh and shout their way through such classic Dixie songs as Obladi Oblada, Jocky Full of Bourbon, and Ain’t She Sweet.

King of the Swingers hold the all-time record for most performances by a single group at the Stewart Park Festival, Perth with more than twenty performances over 15 years. Audience reaction is unanimous…..BRING THEM BACK!!

Always true to their roots, King of the Swingers love to wander the streets playing fun tunes for the kiddies and the Grannies. One day they hope to make enough cash to afford a place to stay. In the meantime, come out and celebrate on the street with Mowgli, Baloo, and King Louie, to dance and sing with King of the Swingers!