Keith Glass Band

Artist Bio

Keith Glass is a founding member, guitarist and songwriter with Prairie Oyster, a group which enjoyed a very long and successful career and critical acclaim, including multiple Juno and CCMA awards.

They are often cited as the country’s foremost roots/country band, and toured extensively in Canada, the U.S. and Europe over a career spanning almost four decades. In 2008, they were inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, and also received a SOCAN Songwriter’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In his post-Oyster life Keith has kept busy with family, building a studio, writing songs, making a couple of solo records, being Lynn Miles’ sideman, producing and playing/singing on dozens of recordings, and playing a few solo shows close to his home outside Ottawa.

And now a new chapter: Keith is back with a new band, a new CD (and another in the works) and a new sound. At the heart of Keith’s music, and the band’s sound, is deep rootsy rock and roll – with all the influences that define that genre – R&B, country, folk, blues, swing – with their own unique twist.

“There will always be a country influence in what I do – that’s in my DNA – but no more so than R&B, blues, etc., etc. I grew up on that big North American musical stew – and I’ve played it all my life.”