One Weekend. Endless Possibilities.

At the Stewart Park Festival, there truly is something for everyone. While the festival initially launched 26 years ago to offer free music in the park, it’s grown to be an authentic experience for just about everybody.

We truly mean that.

To show you how, we’re crafting together some sample activity ideas/schedules for you, depending on your interest or stage of life. We want you to see how the endless possibilities can work for your weekend experience at the Stewart Park Festival.

So, why are we doing this? Because we want you to make it your Festival. Your Experience. Your Memories.

The activities suggested for each visitor will highlight their interests and lifestyle. Here are the five different visitors we’ll be highlighting in the coming weeks:

  1. The Music Lover: Find your tune in the summer breeze.
  2. The Holistic Seeker: Lose Yourself in the Harmony.
  3. First Timer? Re-discovering the Festival?:  It’s all Right Here.
  4. Get Active: A Festival that Moves You.
  5. Bring the Kids: We’ve got Summer Fun Covered

We’ll release sample activities for each group, and you can discover the festival offerings and plan out a weekend that you’ll absolutely love.

This is Your Festival. Make it Yours.