Kobo Town

Friday 10:00 pm, July 14 | Crystal Palace After Hours

Sunday 3:30 pm, July 16 | Main Stage

Kobo Town returns to stages across North America and Europe to tour their new album Carnival of the Ghosts, where the wit and wordplay that defined the group’s previous releases are on full display, accompanied by an everything-soup of infectious Caribbean sounds – where calypso melodies and ska-driven horn hooks collide over heavy reggae and soca bass grooves, all amid an interplay of dirty electric guitars with hints of zouk and son montuno. The band is fronted by Drew Gonsalves, who moved from Trinidad to Canada as a teenager and who rediscovered in his new home the joys of old calypso, ska and roots reggae through old records found in the bargain bins of used music stores.  A songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, his music has been covered by many other artists including Carlos Santana, Manu Chao and Calypso Rose.https://www.facebook.com/kobotown