Jason Lang

Jason Lang, a versatile and in-demand musician, pays tribute to his late mother, Canadian folk music icon Penny Lang, with his third album “Handled with Care.” This album, recorded in honor of her legacy, features a mix of old-timey country blues, folk, and soulful melodies, exploring themes of everyday life such as alcoholism, mental health, family, and happiness.

Jason played all the instruments himself, including acoustic and electric guitar, slide guitar, Wurlitzer, B3, harmonica, upright bass, and drums. The album also features his daughter and son, Meaghan and Manu ‘EJ’ Lang, on vocals. As a producer, recording and mixing engineer, Jason aimed for an old-school sound by not tuning vocals, nor quantizing instruments, and by using real, beautiful classic instruments from the ’50s and ’60s. Jason’s foray into music began at a young age, singing on a McDonald’s jingle at six, recording his first pro studio session backup vocals at twelve, and performing in jams and clubs by sixteen, leading to a successful recording and touring career with artists such as Corey Hart and Kate & Anna McGarrigle, often touring with his mother Penny.