This year’s program on the Wendy Laut River Stage is dedicated to the memory of long-time festival volunteer, Allan Sproule.


2017 Schedule

Mainstage Stewart Park Festival 2017

Time Friday Time Saturday Time Sunday
1:00 PM TD Youth Showcase 12:00 PM The Academy for Musical Theatre 12:00 PM EvenSong
2:00PM TD Youth Showcase 1:00 PM Andrew Queen & the Campfire Crew 1:00 PM Tribe of One
3:00 PM TD Youth Showcase 2:00 PM The O’Pears 2:00 PM Yak Duck Race

4:00 PM Maple Hill 3:00 PM Red Moon Road 2:15 PM Valdy
5:00 PM Ken Yates 4:00 PM Coco Love Alcorn 3:30 PM The Wooden Sky
6:00 PM Wör 5:00 PM Mike Stevens
7:00 PM Lindi Ortega 6:00 PM Leela Gilday
8:00 PM Turbo Street Funk 7:30 PM Sue Foley

Saturday   Sunday  
1:30 pm

Funky Mash - Up

Wör & Turbo Street Funk

12:00 pm

Morning Groove

Sue Foley, Mike Stevens, The Wooden Sky

3:00 pm

It’s All about the Song

Leela Gilday. Ken Yates, Magoo

1:30 pm

If The Spirit Moves You

Coco Love Alcorn, The O’Pears, EvenSong

4:30 pm

Friends from the West

Red Moon Road, Tribe of One, Valdy

3:00 pm

ArtsCan Circle with Mike Stevens

Magoo, Leela Gilday



9:00 PM 10:30 PM 9:00 PM 10:30 PM
Lindi Ortega Turbo Street Funk

“Perth Brewery Patio”

At The Crystal Palace

The Wooden Sky Sue Foley
Wör The O’Pears

Studio Theatre

Mike Stevens/ Valdy Tribe of One
Ken Yates Red Moon Road

The Perth Tea Room

Leela Gilday Coco Love Alcorn

FRIDAY July 14, 2017 SATURDAY July 15, 2017 SUNDAY July 16, 2017
6 pm – 8 pm The Ramblin Valley Band

9 am – Noon

Farmers’ Market

Come out and enjoy a performance
by Ball & Chain & the Wreckers
sponsored by Stewart Park Festival.

8:30 am - 11:30 am

Festival Breakfast

The King Of Swingers
perform at an
old-fashioned pancake
breakfast hosted by
Jamie Law of
Law & Orders.

2:00 pm Beer and Spirits Workshop 1:00 pm Country Song Writers’
Circle The finest in country
song in a round robin
format with Wade Foster,
Shawn McCullough, Henry
Norwood, Brad Scott
3:00 pm Ball & Chain and the Wreckers 2:00 – 4:00 pm Country Jamboree
It's a jam session, with twang!

4:00 pm EvenSong Ensemble

5:00 pm River City Junction
7:00 pm Ollivanders