Learn About The different Things You can Volunteer For At The Festival

In this role, you are the face of the Stewart Park Festival. You will be stationed at any of the 4 entrances to Stewart Park, welcoming all visitors, encouraging them to make a donation, providing Festival Programs & general information about the Festival and Perth.

Perfect For You: If you enjoy being the smiling face of Stewart Park Festival, meeting interesting people from near & far!

In this role, you will help sell the merchandise of our Festival, such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles & other SPF souvenirs; you will also provide general information to the public. You will have the support of the Souvenirs/Info Booth Coordinator. Police Information Check level 2 is required.

Bonus: Acting as an ambassador for our Festival & the Town of Perth, you will no doubt feel great about strengthening your sales abilities, while singing the praises of both the Festival & our fair town!

Is music the heart and soul of your life? You can help sell the music at our Festival which is what it’s all about! Most of our artists bring their CD’s to our Booth to sell during the weekend of SPF; you will sell CD’s to the public as well as any merchandise the artist leaves with us; you will also help maintain the displays at the Booth & facilitate any autograph signing sessions. You will have the support of the CD Booth Coordinators.

**Police Information Check Level 2 is required. 

Bonus: Enjoy meeting & chatting with artists up close & personal!

Do you enjoy making people feel at home? In this role, you can ensure that everyone is fed, performers and volunteers alike. You will have the responsibility of helping back stage with everything relating to the food service. You will have the support of the Hospitality Coordinator.

Bonus: Who wouldn’t want to hang out by the food table for 3 hours?? Yum, yum!

Do you miss the AV Club? Do you thrive on making things go? In this role, you are behind the scenes, either at the Main Stage or Wendy Laut River Stage. You will help the Stage Manager with a variety of tasks, whether it be carrying musical instruments on & off the stage or from one stage to the other.

Bonus: This could possibly be the most fun “grunt work” you will ever do! Meet the performers & experience the inside scoop of how we put on a show!

Are you young or young at heart? Help the Children’s Area Coordinator with a wide variety of activities such as games, crafts & other hands-on endeavours. This area is family-focused so all activities include parents & care givers participating with their children. You may also be asked to guide children to the Studio Theatre for our children’s shows, which is a bit like leading a parade!

Bonus: Never a dull moment here! Lots of energy, lots of laughs!

Do you like to learn? Do your chakras need aligning? Join our Adult Workshop Coordinator to help with a variety of tasks, whether you’re greeting Workshop Leaders & showing them their tent, helping carry equipment to the Workshop Area, or helping set up a Workshop Area. Workshops are held the Saturday & Sunday afternoons of the Festival Weekend (1:00- 5:00 pm);

Bonus: See a wide variety of creative workshops & meet some fascinating presenters!

The Crystal Palace is a little off the beaten track but it’s still a fun part of the Festival! Help our Off-Site Coordinator turn the Palace into Party Central; You could be setting up chairs, hanging balloons, selling drink tickets or greeting visitors, all the while listening to incredible live music! Alcohol is served in this venue; you will not be asked to serve it. You can also serve an After Hours shift in this venue.

Bonus: Party Central! Everyone has a good time at the Crystal Palace!

Do you have more fun after the sun goes down? This is a great role for nighthawks! You will work the door of one of our night time After Hours venues: Crystal Palace or Studio Theatre. In this role, you will greet guests, verify that guests have an After Hours Bracelet for entrance (you will also sell them at the door). This is a night-time shift (9:00 pm-midnight) Friday or Saturday night.

**This role involves handling cash and so a basic police check is required.

This role makes a really important helping role official. We all know someone we can count on in a pinch, who can turn their hand to solving problems or carry something across the park without fuss. If you like to be helpful and are flexible about what you do in a shift, this might be the role for you.

Bonus: Never a dull moment, and never the same thing twice. Plus our volunteer coordinator will be eternally grateful!