Some people mark their Festival experience by the big name acts they see. And that’s really, cool, and we bring them in for that reason. We’ve been thrilled when artists like Hawksley Workman or Dan Mangan, or this year, Danny Michel, grace our stage. But there are other, less obvious treats that make the Festival experience so special. You could call it the chance to say “I saw them before they got big”. One of the great pleasures of music festivals is discovering new talent. A lot of “future big names” come through the gates at Stewart Park and other small festivals on their way to becoming superstars. We have really enjoyed looking back through our archives at “baby pictures” of young artists like JW-Jones and Serena Ryder from their debuts at Stewart Park Festival. We’re pretty sure we have a couple of rising stars on this year’s roster, and we hope you’ll make the time to check them out. Alysha Brilla is young performer blessed with an old soul and a knockout voice. Press reviews like to play up her exotic beauty and Tanzanian-Canadian roots, but what really struck us was her sound. A little big world-beat, a little bit old-school soul, a whole lot of talent and songcraft go into the music she makes. Already big in the world of tv soundtracks (including Degrassi: the Next Generation), and with “Lifted” moving up the charts, Alysha Brilla’s show will be one of those “I saw her when” moments.

Alysha Brilla appears at Stewart Park Festival on July 19th. She’s on the Main Stage at 6:00, on the River Stage at 3:00, and after hours at The Perth Brewery Patio at the Crystal Palace at 9:00. Be there!

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