As if all the events in the Park weren’t fabulous enough, we also offer you a proper beer garden at the Crystal Palace by the beautiful Tay River. Featuring frosty cold beer by local stars and venue sponsors Perth Brewery, and wine, sangria, other refreshments, and non-alcoholic beverages by Stone Cellar, as well as delicious BBQ. Step out of the hustle and bustle and chill out by the river in a beautiful setting with live music. The Perth Brewery Patio has extended hours this year due to popular demand; we will be running Friday afternoon from 7:00 on —visitors after 9:00 will be asked to show their After Hours pass. Likewise, on Saturday, the patio will run from 2:00 on, with the same provisions about After Hours. And finally, the Patio is open on Sunday this year — again, that popular demand!

This licensed venue is subject to the regulations of the LLBO; patrons may be asked to provide ID.

Saturday July 18

2:00 Rockabilly Riot
3:30 Under the Covers
5:00 Sweet Alibi
6:30 Quique Escamilla
8:00 Ali McCormick

Sunday July 19

1:00 Country Song Circle
with Wade Foster
2:00 Country Jamboree

Funding for music and physical improvements in this venue provided by the Government of Ontario.


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