Steve Piticco, Wendell Ferguson and Shawn McCullough

Steve Piticco
A 7-Time CCMA Award Winner + International Touring Guitar Wizard from South Mountain. Recorded and played with Merle Haggard and Charlie McCoy to name a few. An appearance on a Nashville television program brought the following comments from seasoned Nashville session players: “He can’t be from this planet!” and “It should be against the law to play like that!”. When it comes to country guitarists, Steve Piticco is world class.

Wendell Ferguson
A 7-Time CCMA Guitar Award Winner. Won so many times they retired him. He’s no longer eligible. Insanity on the guitar and hilarious on the mic, he has played George Fox, Shania Twain, Lisa Brokop, Michelle Wright, Tommy Hunter, The Dixie Chicks plus many more. His albums include “Cranky Christmas”, “Menage a Moi”, “The $#!t Hits the Fans” and “Happy Songs Sell Records, Sad Songs Sell Beer”.

Shawn McCullough
Shawn McCullough grew up in a musical household in rural Ontario. His mother and father had a working country band and at the age of 6 Shawn was singing harmonies and playing open slide guitar. At the age of 8 his hands were finally big enough to play his mom’s full scale acoustic guitar, where a lifelong love for music was born. At 19 Shawn was playing in the bars and at 24 caught the ear of MCA Universal recording artist Jason McCoy where he toured across Canada as Jason’s lead guitarist and harmony vocalist. During his time with McCoy, Shawn was nominated for the award of guitarist of the year by the Canadian Country Music Association CCMA.