Join us for our first ever beer, wine and spirits tasting this coming Saturday, July 15 at 2:00 pm in the Perth Brewery Patio (Crystal Palace).

Peter Blier, owner of the Stone Cellar restaurant and a certified Sommelier, will will be on hand to demonstrate and sample two CDN Whites, & two CDN Reds, as well as to highlight the differences in taste and suggested food pairings.

Ever wonder when you’re talking beer what a “hoppy” flavour means? Jeremy Steeves of Perth Brewery will educate us on different types of ales & beers. The sampling of four or five different beers from Perth Brewery will give an insight on how a brewmaster caters their different flavours to market demand.

Did you know gin starts out as vodka, but the addition of the juniper berry is what adds that unique flavour and changes the characteristic of the product? Our local distillery, Top Shelf Distillers, will highlight the subtle nuances in flavour found in their various products.

There will be a small charge per workshop payable at the event. You may sign up for one, two or all three workshops, but seating is limited.

One weekend. Endless possibilities.