At the Stewart Park Festival, there truly is something for everyone. While the festival initially launched 26 years ago to offer free music concerts in the park, it’s grown to be an authentic experience for just about everybody.

To show you how, we’ve put together some sample activity ideas/schedules for you, depending on your interest or stage of life. Take look through these schedules and see how the endless possibilities can work for your weekend experience.

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The Holistic Seeker

Lose Yourself In The Harmony.

Take off your shoes, stroll through the grass and let the music inspire you this weekend. When you’re at the Stewart Park Festival you’ll feel reconnected and re-aligned as you can also choose from an array of holistic workshops and offerings that will get you to reconnect with your soul and your community.


  • Head over to the Wendy Laut River Stage where you
    can take part in a dance class.
  • Stroll to the river area where you can access a guided
    meditation workshop
  • Quiet the mind by walking through the custom-made
    Labyrinth, which is located on the grassy area across the river.
  • Unwind by visiting a wellness vendor in the band shell.
    Grab a blanket, take off your shoes and sit back and relax to
    the live music on the main stage.
  • Connect to your community by taking part in the
    Community Drum Circle. Bring your drum, hoops and
    percussion to join in this rousing community of drumming.
  • Drummers & dancers welcome!

Throughout the weekend there will be inspiring workshops and
classes that will open you up to new ideas and inspiration.

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For the First-Timer
(or, Re-discover the Festival)

It’s All Right Here.

Never been to the Stewart Park Festival? Haven’t come in years?Now’s the time. When you first arrive, you’ll be floored by the range of activities and offerings available to you throughout the weekend. And it’s all right in town. Here’s an outline of what to do to get the full festival experience (with some insider tips, too!):


  • Bring a lawn chair and water and soak in the live
    music at the Main Stage. Tip: Set up beside a tree so you
    can access some shade.
  • Stroll through the market in behind Town Hall where
    you’ll meet artisans, vendors and groups promoting their
    wares and services. Tip: The Info table is located inside the
    market and our volunteers can give you a better feel for the
    festival layout
  • Cross the Green bridge to uncover more festival
    offerings: When you cross the green bridge, you’ll discover
    children’s activities, holistic workshops and even a labyrinth!
    Explore the entire Stewart Park grounds to get the full festival
  • Then, cross the street: The Perth Brewery Patio at Crystal
    Palace is a place to sip on a pint in a licensed patio setting
    while listening to live music inside the gorgeous glass
    building along the Tay River.
  • Tour the Tay River: Perth Outfitters will set up shop
    at the former Outdoor Pool (behind the main stage and
    across Mill Street) where you can rent kayaks and stand-up
    paddleboards and tour the Tay.

[/tab] [tab title="For the Music Lover"]

For The Music Lover

Find Your Tune In The Summer Breeze

The drums sticks are ready, the guitars are strung and the microphone is on – this is all you need. The spirit of the Stewart Park Festival comes alive for you as you’re a music junkie who wants to discover a range of talent in a range of locations. We’ve got you covered.


  • You know the drill: Grab your lawn chair, slap on some
    sunscreen, and get listening. The main stage will feature
    live music from Friday to Sunday afternoon. Tip: Get the
    musicians’ bios by picking up a program at the entrance gate.
  • Crystal Palace Patio: The Perth Brewery Patio at the
    Crystal Palace will feature live music. So don’t miss out on
    the chance to catch some other acts in another waterside
    venue throughout the day.
  • Go into the night: The After Hours shows provide more
    concerts in downtown Heritage Perth including the Crystal
    Palace, the Studio Theatre and the Perth Tea Room. You can
    purchase a bracelet for either Friday or Saturday night (or both
    evenings!) at $10 a night and get access to all these shows.
  • Discover your own musical talent: On the other side of
    the green bridge in Stewart Park, you can head over to the
    drumming workshop which will feature music.
  • Bring the music home: At the Lake 88 CD Booth in
    Stewart Park, we’ll be selling the musicians’ CDs. Grab a
    copy of your favourite artists’ albums and bring the music
    home with you.
  • Listen to the Youth: Each Friday afternoon at the Festival,
    we’ll welcome local youth to the stage for the Youth
    Showcase. Sponsored by TD Bank, it’s a concert series
    featuring youth from our area’s high schools who earned
    the right to play on stage as well as the Be in The Band
    performers. They’ve got solid talent and you won’t want to
    miss this showcase.

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Get Active:

A Festival That Moves You.

Do you enjoy exercise, the outdoors and getting in a goodworkout? Of course you do. So, how exactly, does a music festival help you do this? We’ve got a range of physical activities and ideas that have you running, dancing, cycling, paddling, sweating and more!


  • Pedal into town: Park your bicycle at the free bicycle valet
    service, which will be operated by Heritage Bikes and located
    in behind the Studio Theatre. This means you can cycle into
    town and park your bike all day, knowing it’s being well
    taken care of while you soak in the festival.
  • Tour the Tay River: Perth Outfitters will set up shop
    at the former Outdoor Pool (behind the main stage and
    across Mill Street) where you can rent kayaks and stand-up
    paddleboards and tour the Tay.
  • Stroll through Stewart Park: Whether you cycled, walked
    or drove to get to the festival, take the opportunity to walk
    through the entire park to soak in the surroundings
  • Hit up an Outdoor, holistic workshop: find Balance
    with FLK Taoist Tai Chi in the Garden Area or Unify Body
    Breath and Mind in Calm Mindful Yoga in the park. We’ve
    put together a range of holistic workshops that are good for
    both body and mind.
  • Get a guided cycle tour of Perth: Ready to explore
    beyond the festival? Heritage Bikes will offer guided cycling
    tours of Perth for a small fee.
  • Run for Refugees: You can register for the Perth Run for
    Refugees 5km Fun Run, which takes place Saturday morning on Mill Street.
    The run is a great way to take part in a race, get in your workout a
    nd then enjoy the rest of the day listening to music in the park.
  • Grab a Pint: You’ve worked hard for this one. Hit up the
    Perth Brewery Patio at the Crystal Palace which is a licensed
    area with live music. It’s a great place to unwind after all
    that activity!

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Bring The Kids

We’ve Got Summer Fun Covered

We get it – when you’ve got kids, it’s hard to even think about planning out a full day at a festival. You’ll need snacks. Naps. Kleenex for tears. And never mind that you’ll also need to pack things for the kids! We’re kid-conscious and have put together a plan for you so that you don’t have to think – just come, enjoy the festival and start making memories with the little ones.


  • Catch the kids’ shows: Over the weekend, children’s
    entertainment will be on the main stage, the kids’ area and
    the air-conditioned Studio Theatre.
  • Hit the Main Stage:Watch the Musical Academy’s youth
    performance at the main stage. This year they’ll feature a
    special musical which will keep your kids entertained and
    singing along.
  • Get Lunch: Take off your shoes, lay out a picnic blanket and
    listen to live music while eating lunch. The park is five acres,
    so you’ll have plenty of space to lay out a picnic. We’ll have
    food vendors on site so you don’t have to lug a full lunch
    basket around that morning.
  • Check out the Kids’ Area: Tayside Community Options
    always hosts some super activities and it’s your chance to
    make fun art projects and crafts, dance in the park, get your
    face painted, play games and play with the parachute.
  • Watch the Duck race: Each year YAK launches a massive
    rubber duck race and the winning duck results in an
    amazing prize! It’s a fun ‘race’ to watch as hundreds of
    yellow ducks make their way down the river

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