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We’ve got family fun covered at the Stewart Park Festival!

There truly is something for everyone, and we’ve planned it out so that your kids will sleep soundly after a day filled with activities, entertainment and plain ol’ fun!

Sounds nice, right? Hosted by Tayside Community Options, the activities in our Kids’ Area give the younger ones the chance to make fun art projects and crafts, play games and more! The tented area is located across the green bridge.

We’ve also lined up some amazing performances this weekend just for the kids.

Check out the schedule and plan out your memorable day at the park.

Puppets-Up presents:

The Humanettes (part puppet/part human)

Ever felt like you were a puppet? Well, here’s your chance to become one courtesy of the Humanettes provided by Puppets Up. They will be in the kids’ area on Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 pm.

PLUS Stilt Walkers!

A big Stewart Park Festival welcome to the Kingston Stilters who are joining us for the first time on Saturday afternoon!

Family Entertainment Schedule


The Family Shows are free to all ages! No registration is required, so just come on out!

**Studio Theatre Shows: These shows are sure to delight the younger set and take place in the air-conditioned comfort of the Studio Theatre (63 Gore St E). And they're also free!


11:00 am: The Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre presents "The Velveteen Rabbit" at **The Studio Theatre
12:00  pm: The Academy of Musical Theatre on the Main Stage
1:00 pm: Andrew Queen & The Campfire Crew on the Main Stage
2:00 pm: Valdy for kids of all ages in the Kids' Area


8:30 - 11:30: Family Pancake Breakfast, Crystal Palace ($6/person, $20/Family, kids under 6 eat free!)
11:00 am: Andrew Queen & the Campfire Crew at **The Studio Theatre
1:00 pm: Prepare for the "the March of the Ducks" over to the Yak Duck Race with Magoo at the Kids' Area
1:45: "The March of the Ducks" join Magoo in the Kids' Area and be part of our First ever March of the Ducks Parade taking place just before the annual YAK Duck Race
2:00 pm: YAK Duck Race at the Kids' Area



1-4 pm: Puppets-Up presents the Humanettes (part human/part puppet) in the Kids’ area
Ever felt like you were a puppet? Well, here's your chance to become one courtesy of the Humanettes provided by Puppets Up. They will be in the Kids’ Area on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

2:00 pm: - Valdy for kids of all ages in the Kids’ Area

4:00 pm: Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre Workshop in the Kids’ Area


1-4 pm: Humanettes, Kids’ Area
1:00 pm: - Prepare for the parade with Magoo, Kids’ Area
1:45 pm: "The March of the Ducks" with Magoo, leading up to Duck Race.
2:00 pm: YAK Duck Race, Kids’ Area


Kids’ Area Activities

We are a festival that was founded by families, so of course we have tons of stuff for the kids!

Face Painting is from 11:30-3:00 each day

11:00 AM Tambourine Making 11:00 AM Wooden Spoon Den Den Drum
11:30 AM Water Bottle Shakers 11:30 AM Sand Art
12:00 PM Scavenger Hunt 12:00 PM Sand Art (continued)
12:30 PM Scavenger Hunt (continued) 12:30 PM Egg Shakers
1:00 PM Framed Canvas Painting 1:00 PM Duck Race Parade Prep with Magoo
1:45 PM Framed Canvas painting (continued) 1:45 PM "The March of the Ducks" with Magoo
2:00 PM Shaw Dance School 2:00 PM The Yak Duck Race
2:30 PM Valdy For Kids of all Ages 2:30 PM Water Games
Prepare to get wet!!
3:00 PM Egg Shakers 3:00 PM Water Games
Prepare to get wet!!
3:30 PM Parachute Games 3:30 PM Coffee Filter Flowers
4:00 PM Rag & Bone Puppet Workshop